• Sialendoscopy


    The endoscopic approach
    to salivary gland ductal pathologies.

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Benefits of being a member are multiple. Members are part of a large network of more than a thousand specialists dealing with sialendoscopy around the world.

As such, recovering regular information about ongoing post-graduate teaching, courses and conferences.

Practically, the member will have access to 3 main services. SialendoMed will provide to members a weekly updated literature on sialendoscopy. SialendoLink is a platform providing free communication among specialists on questions about patients and surgical aptitude. SialendoBase is an international database on sialendoscopy patients allowing retrospectives and perspectives, international studies to be organized.

  • Networking

    Membership is an investment in you and your professional development, irrespective of your level of experience or practice setting. As a member, you become connected to a global community of your peers through SialendoLINK©, which is an exclusive member-driven on-line “forum”, permitting unhindered interaction regarding the management of difficult and challenging cases.
  • Use of an international database

    Members have access to the SialendoBASE©, which is a robust and relational online database facilitating efficient data capture from the various centres around the world performing sialendoscopy. This will enable the development of best clinical practice guidelines and provide ideas for collaborative research to shape the future of sialendoscopy.
  • Publications

    Access to SialendoMED©, which is modelled on the PubMed, providing direct access to the most up-to-date articles relevant to the practice of sialendoscopy including links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.
  • Continued professional development

    Members enjoy a reduced registration rate on ESTC courses, which attract the world’s largest gathering of sialendoscopists.
    Easy links to current and upcoming conferences and continuing medical education activities, to help sialendoscopists meet their professional needs.
  • Books and monographs

    Discounted rate for the first-ever comprehensive and richly illustrated “Sialendoscopy: The Hands-on Book. This multi-national authored publication has been developed by leading experts in the field and are aim to deliver information that is highly relevant to your practice
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Member conditions

Being interested in the technique and having had previous exposure to it (regular surgical activity within a department, courses, conferences).
Member must be acknowledged by 2 active members of the Society.

Members must be physicians or nurses clinically active in sialendoscopy. Their background can be ENT Specialist, Maxillofacial surgeon, surgeon with specific competence in salivary gland.

The actual annual fee to become a member is CHF90.-

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